Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can purchase containers at pharmacies and medical supply stores in many areas. People in most parts of the United States can place their used household sharps in a strong, plastic container like an empty laundry detergent or bleach bottle. Use the resources on to find local rules.

Even if there are no disposal locations in your area, most states allow disposal of used household sharps in the household trash. Click here to learn how to safely dispose of used household sharps in the household trash. If you believe your local disposal location is missing from the map, please submit it here. is an education effort supported by a coalition of leading biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers: Biogen, Dexcom, Eli Lilly and Company, and Embecta.

No. Used household sharps cannot be recycled under any circumstances. They must be placed in a strong, plastic container before disposal.

Most healthcare facilities do not collect used household sharps containers. Review the resources on to find your state’s guidelines and learn more about safe household sharps disposal in your area.

Some HHW facilities and collection events accept used household sharps, but many do not. Use the resources on to find collection programs in your area or contact your city or county’s waste department to see if their facilities accept household sharps.

The company you work for is typically responsible for the used household sharps and medical waste generated by its clients. Some state regulations do make exceptions if the number of used household sharps is fairly small. Contact your local or state health department to learn more about the medical waste laws in your area.

No. The information on this website discusses safe disposal of used household sharps only. Facilities should consult state and local regulations to determine how to dispose of used sharps safely.